About Us

APC Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. is a company that has stood as an example of how high quality aluminium products can be made available at the most economical prices. It is a well established company with a wide variety of products to choose from. The company assures delivery of products according to the needs of the c ustomers by simultaneously upholding the importance of customer satisfaction and feedback. By following strict measures to assure quality, APC Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. has become Number 1 choice among builders and fabricators across the nation. The company continually attempts to innovate and improvise the quality, speed of delivery and production of new generation materials as per the regional and customised needs of clients. Our focus is to accelerate and support the ever growing demand for aluminium products. All our products are carefully designed and produced through high end technology that is driven by latest and sustainable ideas. With the company’s track record being consistent in areas such as product innovation, quality assurance and customer satisfaction, APC Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. is undoubtedly India’s leading aluminium manufacturers.

APC Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. is a dealer in major aluminium manufacturers and aluminium composite panels. It was founded in Kerala in 1992. The company’s imminent presence in the manufacturing sector in the past 26 years has played a crucial role in gaining trusted customers. Partnering companies – Aluminium Products Centre and Aluminium Centre was further diffused together to form APC Aluminium Pvt. Ltd company.

Our dealers in Extruded profile brands include:

  • Malabar Extrusions
  • Crystal Aluminium Extrusions
  • Santhom Metalcast

We also specialise in Aluminium Composite Panels from-

  • Aludecor
  • Aluwall

APC believes in modifying and improving technology and infrastructure and this, the company is able to achieve through its unprecedented efforts. APC has an infrastructure and logistics facility to produce and distribute over 500 tonne aluminium in a month. APC also provides high quality powder coated, wood finished, electro coloured aluminium architectural profiles. We also have a team of experienced and skilled experts to monitor the production of according to the needs of the customer.

APC’s other Ventures include

a) Anjanam Technologies – This venture is a powder coating plant with a top notch manufacturing facility. It also runs a fully automated conveyor system that develops guarantee powder coated aluminium profiles. We are the only approved applicators of JOTUN in Kerala. Anjanam Technologies have completed projects such as Tata Consultancy Services, Kochi, Kochi International Airport, and Kannur International Airport.

b) Anjanam Extrusions – APC aluminium has also joint hands with Malabar Extrusions to start this new venture. This plant manufactures premium quality aluminium extruded profiles for customers. This plant is capable of producing 175 tonne materials in a month with high quality.


To constantly improve the technologies, systems, processes and individual tasks that drive better, faster and more cost-effective test development and delivery for our clients.


APC Aluminium will be recognized as the performance leader with the help of cutting edge technology and consultation. Creating innovative spaces for production of better products and its delivery will accelerate the company’s growth. The unconventional designs and products will cater to the ways and needs of both national and international clients.